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The light of the world fades. Evil hearts seek the Power of the Elements - the forces which bind the universe together - thus threatening all of existence.


Join an eclectic cast of characters and embark on a fantastic journey in the vast  archipelago of Adamaria, evoking the gods of the land, sea, and sky in your quest to rekindle the fire of hope! Restore the light to the mystical Runes by earning the favor of the mighty Elemental Guardians and stand up to the oppressive forces of darkness.


(243 MB)

Created with RPG Maker XP and seven years in the making, "Elements: Soul of Fire" is a fresh spin on the classic RPG formula, maintaining that old-school charm while breathing new life into the genre with its passionate, dynamic storytelling.


Explore the vast archipelago of Adamaria in search of the twenty Elements, braving the depths of massive dungeons and engaging in intense turn-based battles. Search everywhere for secret passages and hidden treasure. Advance through the plot and forge your own path through Adamaria, accomplishing quests and recruiting characters as you please!


Witness the emotional tale of the twenty individuals destined to save the world,
driven by a power-packed acoustic guitar soundtrack featuring over 90 songs. Converse with your allies and get to know their side of the story; dig deep and uncover their past experiences and personal relationships. Solve mysteries, discover shocking twists and turns, and root out the ultimate evil!


Form a party of your own and customize them to suit your tastes - more than 80
accessories and an impressive arsenal of weapons and armor are at your disposal. Learn the characters' strengths and weaknesses and combine their abilities to seize victory. Will you outfit your team for strength, speed, or endurance? With so many ways to play, everyone's experience is sure to be unique!


From the depths of the ocean to the highest skies and far, far beyond, your journey will take you to unimaginable places. Breathtaking action, mind-bending puzzles, and perilous traps await you in this epic 70-hour adventure.


Come, awaken the power within YOU! Lose yourself in "Elements: Soul of Fire!"



What the players think...


"A brilliant game. At every turn I have been impressed by the overarching depth of content; the story is engaging and provides ample rewards for the intrepid adventure. [This is] a product RPG purists will love . . . They might even call it the breakaway hit of 2014!"


"You have done an excellent job with this game. I love the characters, their interactions, and the story so far . . . I believe that this game has a good challenging factor to it."


"Well done . . . This is an epic game. I am already 50 hours in with no end in sight. This is definitely the best game I have played in a really long time!"


"What a game. You really outdid yourself. The level of professionalism and depth is fantastic, miles above most of the 2D PC RPG games being produced."


"Best RPG that I have played in quite awhile. Great value."



~Recommended System Requirements~

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® XP or later
Processor: PC with 1.5GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 equivalent or higher processor
RAM: At least 256 MB
Video adapter: 1024×768 or better video resolution in True Color mode
Sound card: DirectSound-compatible sound card
Free hard disk space: At least 500MB


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